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Our Story

Zane & Cyndi Frasier

About Us


Being a father of 5, I was always looking for something our family could enjoy doing but didn't break the bank. Growing up in Texas from a large family myself that always went tent camping, it felt natural to do the same with my family.  I remember when we finally graduated to a camper from a tent, nothing big or fancy, just a pop-up with no ac, so basically a tent but just more stable & off the ground. 5 campers later over a 20 year span we came to our Mallard, "Mallory". She is such a great family camper and we have made so many memories with her that when the pandemic started & I had to change jobs due to health reasons & my job not being great inregards to covid19 we started renting her out and we got so much joy seeing families enjoy her, whether it was there 1st time rv'ing or pros. It was just natural for us to make this a career, so me & the wife decided to start a little rv rental business & so we added a 2nd unit right away and then are 3rd and just over 10 months later we have grown are fleet to 5 campers. We also added some camper equipment that are campers can rent like kayaks, inflatable raft, and so much more. Are number 1 goal is to help campers make great memories. Happy Camping!


Our Hand-Off Locations
We Do a Thorough Walk-Thru & Answer Any Question You May Have. Also Remember I Am Available 24/7.

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